We, established in 2004, are a professional manufacturer of Single Use Cameras and Waterproof Casings in Shenzhen, China. Our dedication in production, marketing and product development enables us to deliver our products to the world market faster, better, and cheaper.

Owing to our huge consumption of 35mm photographic films, we become an important distributor of Agfa 35mm film to the wholesale market locally and overseas.

To cope with the rapid changes of the market, we commit ourselves in product sophistication and diversification to meet new demands. Our newly developed mobile phone waterproof casing is a proof of such commitment.

We aim at full customer satisfaction by offering competitive pricing and highest achievable quality standard. To achieve this ultimate goal, we devote a large part of our resources in R&D of new products and new designs.

Do try our service today and feel the differences that we shall bring.

Shenzhen Jupengcheng Electronics Co., Ltd.
Blk. 1, 2/F, Dakan Village 1, Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Postal code 518055.
Tel:+86 147 1577 3286 Fax:+86 755 8611 7200 E-mail: sales@jpcelectronicsz.com